Trading, AI, and Augmenting Behavior - PhD Lunch

    Event Location

  • Carnegie Mellon University, Gates-Hillman Building, Room 6501
  • Event Date

  • October 23, 2018 12:00pm - 12:50pm EDT
  • Event Description:
    • Traders in financial markets perform tasks that require them to absorb large amounts of data in limited time and make rapid decisions. It is relatively easy to show that their performance is sub-optimal and can cost firms hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Liquidnet’s products augments the human expert with a variety of technologies, from anomaly detection pattern recognition algorithms to natural language generation and visualizations. In this talk Liquidnet Chief Data Scientist Tom Doris, PhD. will review the challenges we experienced in adoption and adherence of new technologies by human experts, deconstruct the methods that were effective in overcoming the obstacles, and review similarities across other industries.
      Refereshments will be served!
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